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House at Wassenaar 



Project a family house in Wassenaar

When we get this project, house was just in a terrible condition. 

There was a really difficult times we had, to make a design choices on certain points. After all with the owner we decided; as break it down as we can. In the mean time, we designed all the details in the order of reflecting the new family who will live at there. 

Main focus of this house was; as we were creating a nice living space for the owner, in the mean time we had to think, as make it easy for her, that  if she had to sale it. It was such a challenge . What we have done to make it on balance, add extras to value the house and  in the mean time create timeless forms to make it liveable for any potential buyer. 

  We love to use texture to decorate projects but balance is the key. So here we add some prick wall to create opposite of origine. 

Another focus point of the fireplace, owner wanted to keep it but updated. 

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