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Entry & stairs renovation 

Old and very dated living room&kitchen gets new face with the new owner We recreated total of the ground floor.



Entry hall & stairs renovation

The previous client came with the idea to renovate their entrance hall. After revisiting their home, we advised that it would be better if we renovated the entry and stairs together. 

After some pre-budget discussion, they agreed.

The entry hall was narrow, dark and very old, not the warmest of welcome. 

Aware of our tight budget we decided not to touch the ceiling but to focus on the walls.

Using some magical design illustrations and light and dark colors we created the illusion of space.

We then custom designed our own lighting fixture. Adding some white high gloss panels and placing halogen spots on them. In this way, we break the monotone look of the wooden ceiling. 

With a small budget, we added more light without any deep electrical work.

To break the darkness of anthracite grey, we added some gold accessories and hung plants on the walls. This helped to create a nice "warm welcome" to the house.  

The remaining bulk of the budget was spent on renovating the stairs. We kept the natural wood look, that connected the stairs to the ceiling. 

On the cabinet, using wooden framed pitcher, makes the finishing touch and bringing all the elements together.

We used the existing simple Ikea shoe boxes for easy storage. But painted them with a matching color and customised it with white top.

 Of course, flowers are the perfect way to welcome our guests. But getting hold of fresh flowers all the time is never easy.

So, here’s a small tip: Use the best quality fake flowers and add some real green leaves from your garden. Don’t forget to give some water and wash the fake ones from time to time.

And there you have it, the perfect welcome.

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