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Kitchen & Living room renovation Diemen

Old and very dated living room&kitchen gets new face with the new owner We recreated total of the ground floor.


Open plan kitchen and living area renovation

When the home owners came to us they had no idea how to make their dream open plan kitchen and living area out of the old house they’d just purchased.

After chatting and getting to know the family and their lifestyle, we suggested that we switch the kitchen, from back to front.

This gave us plenty of room to create the perfect open family kitchen. And with a glass roof extension, a beautiful living area, bathed in natural light.

With the trust of the family, we broke the whole kitchen down and moved it. Then the real challenge began -  to build an island, where the whole family could hang out, have breakfast and the kids could color and do handicraft.

Another desire was for more storage... Using grip-less cabinets and a custom designed island, we were able to achieve it all. Finding an exit for the paddle box was not easy. Adding extra ceiling solved it and provided a great opportunity to install stylish LED, halogen and pendant lighting that really brought the room to life.

Because the children were so young, we decided to place a sink on the island, rather than a stove. In this way the kids could easily reach the water while sitting at the bar. Perfect for messy hands and painting.

Next we turned our attention to the living area, creating well defined sections for dining, entertaining, TV and a small study area. We gave each area its own dimmable lighting, so they could switch it up to match their mood  - from romantic dinner setting, to big family celebration.

We tried to keep a neutral color scale, with little kicks, from accent objects. So the owner could easily change them to create a new decoration.

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